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Leading the next wave of medical robotics

Founded in 2019, LN Robotics Inc. emerged from a medical robot research team based at Asan Medical Center that was established in 2012. Our focus has been developing cutting-edge medical robots incorporating advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, big data, robotics, and biotechnology, with significant input from clinical experts.

Our vision is to provide precision medical robots that can help meet a range of unmet clinical needs. At LN Robotics, we are committed to driving innovation in the medical robotics industry by creating effective and accurate robots for various treatments. We aim to be the go-to provider of medical robots that offer enhanced patient care and deliver superior health outcomes.

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    Surgical Robot

    We specialize in developing advanced technology-intensive medical robots that assist in various surgical and interventional procedures.

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    Beyond Simple Robotics

    We pursue innovative robotic platforms and systems to deliver better personalized medical services that precisely respond to unmet clinical needs. We are dedicated to going beyond simple robotics to provide sophisticated solutions that meet healthcare providers' and patients' evolving needs.